About Us

Antiaging skin clinic is the most comprehensive and advanced dermatology and trichology centre located inside the prestigious Fortis Escorts Heart Institue.It aims at finding the most effective solutions to diseases of the skin, hair and nails.  

We specialize in :
General dermatology ,
Cosmetic dermatology,
Laser surgery ,
Dermatologic surgery ,
Hair Restoration Surgery
Non surgical Hair Restoration treatments. 

  Our dermatologists and trichologists are amongst the most experienced in the field, trained from the most reputed centers of the world and we use the state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment equipment.  
We are justifiably proud of having improved the appearance of many men and women who had suffered from acne , pigmentation ,warts , moles ,skin tags and even hair loss.

ptions Our  trained  trichologists , are well equipped to  perform a non invasive hair analysis  and  provide information regarding causes of baldness, and other  problems  related to hair loss and offer you options tailored to your specific  situationlored to your specific situation and lifestyle

So ,whether you are just starting to experience some balding or thinning, or are at the most advanced stages of baldness, AntiAging Skin Clinic  provides quality, affordable surgical and non surgical  hair restoration for both men and women  while providing care, compassion and confidentiality to each and every client.
Our state of art laser centre is reputed for providing the best services .And, for the safety of our patients, all laser, injectables, and surgical treatments are performed by dermatologists in our centre to provide the most effective solutions for our patients. 



So ,be yourself, again. Experience  our   services and treatments   that allow you to have flawless glowing skin and  beautiful, natural hair and regain your sense of self-confidence, and self esteem

We also believe that with a country as vast as INDIA, quality and affordable services are of utmost importance. This is why, we already have our centre running in a way that doesn’t cut a hole through your pockets and leaves you smiling all along.

Anti-aging skin clinic is not just about retarding age; it is also about achieving a goal wherein everyone gets the result ?beauty for the patient and satisfaction for the aesthetician.


 “To inspire and facilitate a progressive approach towards dermatology and dermatosurgery with a group of dermatologists and plastic surgeons WHO THINK ALIKE.” Dr Sachin K. Maurya, M.D.