Follicular Enrichment Therapy


Non Surgical restoration of hair loss- A major Breakthrough


Follicular Enrichment therapy (FET therapy) has been the major and the most recent advancement in treating the problem of hair loss in both males and females’ .Its efficacy is known by its effect on both stopping hair loss and even reversing the same.

It can be performed alone or even in conjunction with surgeries like hair transplant, flap rotation etc to produce miraculous results.

It advocates the usage of the patients own healing factors which are present in their own blood to treat the problems like hair loss, brittle hair, thinning hair and even baldness.             

Ideal patient for FET therapy:

Any male or female patient experiencing hair loss without any scarring diseases of the scalp and thinning of hair.

In the patients with long standing baldness, (androgenetic alopecia) this therapy works best in combination with the hair transplant.


A small quantity of   the patients blood is centrifuged and a platelet rich plasma (PRP) is obtained from it , which is the main a source of  growth factors in our body .

The PRP that is prepared is mixed with patented protein mixtures (modified PRP) .Under local anesthesia this modified PRP is injected into the patient’s scalp, more specifically at the site of reduced hair density after stimulating the scalp through our 1.5 mm scalproller. This scalprolling intends to send a signal to the dormant follicles which receive it and respond favourably to the PRP which is injected later.

The time required for this therapy is approximately 3 hours (from collection of blood to injecting PRP) and and can be performed in a single sitting on OPD basis. For patients in the more advanced stage of hair loss, a repeat of this procedure is recommended after 1 year or more, depending upon the requirement and response.


Side effects:

After this therapy the patient may experience mild pain and stretching of the scalp skin due to the injected PRP which resolves in the next 1-2 hours.


Advantages of FET over medications available for treating hair loss:

  • This therapy boasts of its efficacy and is known to produce results which may be visible from within a month of the therapy.


  • The FET therapy is totally safe and has absolutely no long term side effects  since it deals with the patients own blood and is non surgical.

  • This therapy also is versatile in treating both males and females .Females who have diffuse hair thinning are also treated with this therapy since procedures like hair transplant are not possible in diffuse thinning of hair.


  • Another important advantage of this therapy is the short time duration required to do this treatment and absence of the requirement of any continuous follow up.

  • This therapy also does not require multiple sittings like that required for Stem Cell Therapy for hair loss.


  • The last and the very important advantage of this therapy is the cost. It costs a fraction of that required for hair transplant / Stem cell therapy and hence very economical.



Keeping in view , all the above factors and the results this therapy has been showing in clinical practice , it is becoming a big promise and a major breakthrough in non - surgical hair restoration worldwide.