At Anti Aging Skin Clinic, we perform Synergy™, for Hair Transplantation in which single follicular units are harvested one at a time, without any stiches and scars during the surgery and restored with F.E.T.


This technique is the most finest, painless and less time consuming, it provides the best aesthetic results than strip and IFUE Technique.


Hair Density can be achieved at its fullest when it is combined with FET ie. SYNERGY.


Anti Aging Skin Clinic is located inside the prestigious FORTIS ESCORTS HEART INSTITUTE, a centre for quality Hair Transplant and Non Surgical Hair Restoration treatments.


Our trichologists are leading Hair Transplant Specialists, having been at the forefront of Medical advances in this field.


Whether you are just starting to experience same balding or thinning, or are at the most advanced stages of baldness, We provide quality,affordable surgical and non surgical hair restoration for both men and women while providing care, compassion and confidentiality to each and every patient.