Skin Services

AaskinC is the known name to serving the best skin care for the medically affected skin. We are in to latest treatment research and the latest technology.


Our Dermatologist first evaluate the cause of your skin entity, then treat it with the best and the safest mode, so that in the future, you will not face the reoccurance.


We are dedicated to the highest standards of workmanship, with the back up of Fortis Escorts Heart Institute.



  Dermabrasion is a surgery performed most commonly to improve scars due to acne, chicken pox, small pox etc. It involves abrading the skin by  various means so as to create a wound which is superficial enough to re-grow normally and deep enough to eliminate a pathology like tattoo or acne scar.

We,  at Anti aging skin clinic perform dermabrasion using one of the following equipments individualizing according to the patient need and  comfort
1. manual/motorized dermabraders
2. microdermabrasion equipment

What is microdermabrasion ??
This is an office procedure. The superficial layer of the skin is abraded with crystals of inert aluminum oxide which are ejected with force in a controlled manner. This causes removal of the superficial layer of skin with no blood loss. It is used to treat hyper-pigmentation, fine wrinkles, mild scars due to acne, chickenpox etc. Though microdermabrasion is convenient and causes less discomfort, it remains a sub-optimal alternative to conventional dermabrasion. Multiple sittings are required.

The main difference between derma abrasion and microdermabrasion is that microderma peels off only the top 10-15 microns (which is a very fine layer) whereas dermabrasion exfoliates much deeper. This makes it more effective but also more invasive .

At  anti aging skin clinic , we use this method to very effectively manage the following conditions
Facial scars due to Acne, Herpes Zoster, Chicken pox, trauma
Tumors like Syringoma, Trichoepithelioma, Darier's diseases, Adenoma sebaceum.
Hyper-keratotic( thickened & scaly ) lesions like Lichen simplex chronicus, Hypertrophic lichen planus, Papular lichen amyloidosis, Linear verrucous naevus.
Actinic keratosis and Photo-aging.
Pigmentation disorders like Melasma, Freckles and tattoos.
Other disorders like Rhinophyma and stable vitiligo.