Skin Services

AaskinC is the known name to serving the best skin care for the medically affected skin. We are in to latest treatment research and the latest technology.


Our Dermatologist first evaluate the cause of your skin entity, then treat it with the best and the safest mode, so that in the future, you will not face the reoccurance.


We are dedicated to the highest standards of workmanship, with the back up of Fortis Escorts Heart Institute.

R.F & Electro Surgery

Radiofreqeuency surgery is a skin surgical procedure used for treatment of skin lesions by using various forms of alternating current at an ultra high frequency with the help of radiofrequency machine. It is also popularly known as "poor man's laser" or "cold cautery".

 Skin conditions that can be treated with RF -

  • Removal of skin tags, warts
  • Excision of cysts and abscesses
  • Treatment of cholesterol spots
  • Treatment of Freckles (small brown colored spots on face).
  • Skin biopsy
  • Mole removal
  • Scar revision
  • Treatment of dilated visible vessels on skin
  • Ear lobe repair
  • Electrolysis for unwanted hair removal
  • Surgery of all kinds of skin growth
  • For bleeding control in skin surgeries with coagulation mode

Local anesthesia is given before most radiosurgical procedures. Hence the procedure is painless.
It is a safe and and a simple procedure and achieves very good results.
It is a one time solution to long standing problems and our trained  dermatologists have to their credit innumerable patients  with satisfaction and excellent results
Note : RF surgery is avoided in unstable cardiac (Heart) patients and in the treatment of the lesions of the skin overlying a pacemaker.