Synergy technique™:  Hair Restoration Surgery Revisited and Revolutionized.

In the field of hair resoration surgeries , a new revolution has been started by the introduction of  the synergistic approach of transplanting new follicles through the process of hair transplantation and restoring the persons pre – existing hair through Follicular Enrichment Therapy.

 Till date the hair transplant surgeons , were offering only a single procedure called hair transplantation (strip technique / intra follicular unit extraction technique)  for patients of  hair loss. This procedure though was very successful in giving the patients a new hair line  and improving their aesthetic appearance but it had an important shortcoming of not being beneficial for the patients pre – existing hair which continued to fall making the patient require a second hair transplant after a few years.

By this synergistic technique , we have been able to overcome this shortcoming and have been providing excellent  results to our patients which last them a lifetime.



Synergistic approach of hair transplantation is the most recent and a revolutionary way of hair transplantation.