Skin Services

AaskinC is the known name to serving the best skin care for the medically affected skin. We are in to latest treatment research and the latest technology.


Our Dermatologist first evaluate the cause of your skin entity, then treat it with the best and the safest mode, so that in the future, you will not face the reoccurance.


We are dedicated to the highest standards of workmanship, with the back up of Fortis Escorts Heart Institute.



Therapeutic Tattooing or micropigmentation is not a traditional vitiligo treatment but used as a camouflage technique. It is done with artificial pigments which are deposited into the skin, with the help of traditional tattooing needles or by surgical techniques in present scientific era. The accuracy of color match depends upon the skill of the person doing it. It  work best for darker skins, and the color may become lighter with the passage of time. Keeping in view ,the risks of serious infections spreading with tattooing through traditional methods , it is important to get this procedure done by trained dermatologists at established centres.
It can also be used to camouflage pigmented neavi (birth marks).